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Marion Bechtold has over 25 years of professional experience in international expat tax consulting. 

Her experience spans the full range of expat tax and social security services: from tax compliance to advanced tax and social security planning. Marion also has 'working' knowledge of labour law and immigration law.

Marion has a special interest in Netherlands-Belgian relationships in tax treaty and social security application. As such, she is advising partner of  'Stichting Grensarbeid' (www.grensarbeid.nl).

She holds a degree in tax and economics and is a member of  the bar of tax advisers NOB ('Nederlandse Orde voor Belastingadviseurs'), the organisation for tax advisers with a university degree.

Jan Coopmans also has over 25 years of experience in tax advising and compliance. His field of expertise stretches out from advising enterpreneurs to inheritance and wealth planning.

T@Xpatise works closely together with highly qualified professionals in several countries. This network consists of independant, experienced advisors. All advisors have elaborate experience - mostly trained in 'Big Four' companies-  in cross-border consulting and compliance.

In the Netherlands T@Xpatise also liaises with other subject-specialists. For contact details we refer to our page 'Links'